Housing & Economy Panel

Panelists will watch a 5-minute segment that addresses economy, housing and poverty, and will then discuss it. They will also answer other related questions.

Lenin Agudo, the city community development director and former director of the Kutztown University Latino Business Resource Center.

Dr. William Davis Jr., psychology professor at Alvernia university, GoggleWorks board member.

Edward J. McCann Jr., chief operating officer at Berks County Workforce Investment Board

Jane Palmer, coordinator of the 2011 Rebuilding Reading Poverty Commission

Mayor Vaughn Spencer, current mayor of Reading, longtime city council president, retired city school teacher


Possible questions:

  • What is the relationship between poverty and education?
  • What can be done to increase graduation rates in Reading?
  • How can we educate Reading’s workforce, making employees more desirable and employers attracted to starting a business in Reading?
  • What kind of resources are needed to keep students in high school and interested in post-high school education?

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